E Doxstorage - Document scanning, online management and sharing system

Data Storage and Management

Data Management

  • Easily upload your documents and media.
  • Preview documents, photos, and other common files instantly online.
  • Search through all your data instantly.
  • Access your files from anywhere in the world.

File Sharing

  • Upload and organize all your documents.
  • With a few clicks, share individual files or whole folders.
  • Control who gets to access any of your shared data.

Security and Privacy

  • Secure data centers and controlled facility.
  • Secured system operating system, firewalls, and monitoring.
  • Top methods of encryption and authentication for any data transfer.
  • Comprehensible privacy policy.

Paper documents and photos take up a lot of physical space, can easily be lost, and take a lot of time to search through in order to find the correct document. Scanning your documents and photos and storing them in electronic format makes it far more convenient to store large amounts of data. However, searching through them can still take a considerable amount of time on most computers and if your computer on which you store your data breaks, has a hard drive failure, or gets infected with a virus, you run the risk of losing all your data.

Enter E Doxstorage, an online data storage and management service. With online data storage, you can upload all your data to the Internet and never have to worry about losing or being unable to find the right documents or media when you need it. Online data storage fixes the risk of losing data by automatically backing up and storing data with redundant storage. It also indexes all your information for lightning speed searching. Another added benefit to this mode of storage is that your files are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

What’s more is that E Doxstorage also provides optical character recognition for added searching abilities, secure, encrypted data transfer between your computer and our servers, and easy sorting and management with folders and tags. We even offer scanning for local customers in the Sacramento, CA region at discount prices. Many individuals, businesses, doctor’s offices, and law firms are switching to online data storage and management of their data including personal documents, such as tax documents, birth certificates, important receipts, and even sentimental family photos.

E Doxstorage offers the following features. Review them and see for yourself why E Doxstorage is an ideal solution for you and your business.