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Edox is easier to set up and use then Ftp

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Ftp is hard to set up for new comers and requires training in most cases to use and access. Training costs either time or money, sometimes both. With E-Dox you don’t have to worry about using programs to accesses files, cross compatibility across operating systems and devices. If a device has a web browser you can access your files.

Ftp implementations are not always cost effective, and are quite difficult to run, maintain and access.

If you would choose to have in house FTP servers, you have to pay for dedicated hosting. If your servers are too slow then files can’t be shared quickly and then this may become a bottleneck in productivity. If your files contain sensitive information that adds another dimension to worry about, you have to pay to ensure the implementation has proper security. We take care of all of that and provide customers with an robust and simple to use system!

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Why Online Cloud Storage?

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Many companies today use email to send files. There are many limitations to sending files through email though. You can’t send big files and its hard to  track version history. Email was designed for linear communication, person to person, it was never designed for groups of people. E-dox provides an easy to use way for people to access and upload files on a large scale. With E-dox you don’t have to manage and scour long lists of email transactions on a constantly updated single file(s). You can just upload all the mission critical files to E-dox, and multiple people can collaborate together and update and comment on files.

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Bi-Weekly News Update

Posted on by mike

Hello Loyal Customers:


E Doxstorage is one of the most stable, secure websites out there. We have some of the most experience programmers and designers creating some of the most secure firewalls that are out on the market.


Being able to store your documents, files, pictures, and soon to be videos can be an invaluable asset to your growing company as well as prove to be very beneficial to your company in terms of appearance and financially. To be able to go paperless is the newest way to both improve profits and look good in terms of the community because you are cutting down on both pollution and paper usage.  If you were to say, use 10 reams of paper a week or even 4 reams a week, that’s a minimum of $35.00 a week that you are spending on paper for your files and documents, now if you were to go with E Doxstorage, you would be spending only $49.99 a month for up to 700GB of space for you documents, files, pictures, etc…


Put it this way: If you were to store all your files as a .pdf file, that’s almost 6 Million pages you can save with the 700GB monthly space!!! To buy enough paper to be able to have 6 million pages, you would have to spend over $192,ooo, and if you were to go with E Doxstorage, it would take you 385 years to spend that much on our services!


But that’s not all… How would you like to find a file out of thousands in a matter of seconds? That’s now possible through our new searching capability. All you have to do is type in the name or description of the file and in seconds, you have the file you are looking for. No more bulky filing cabinets or spending hours in the file room looking for the right file. Now that time can be spent improving productivity or helping customers.


Being able to save money during a recession is one of the biggest things that any company has been attempting to do since the crash, and E Doxstorage is the answer! You could potentially save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Month! When you go paperless, you can save a lot and use that money that you save for other important things like improving products, improving delivery and improving how you business is ran overall.

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Launch This Month

Posted on by mike

Hello Valued Customers:

This month will be launching our brand-new website for you to try out. 

The Great news is you will be able to try out our website FOR FREE for 30 days without being charged for anything.  You can explore all of the extras and capabilities that E Doxstorage has to offer.

Some of the features will include being able to send and receive documents from fellow members at no charge. One of the main features that we have for your protection is some of the best security protocols that the internet and the electronic industry has to offer. Your documents, private files, photos, and anything else that you might want to put on here will be completely safe 24/7. Along with that, you will be able to see all of your documents as if they were right in front of you with total clarity and with the ability to see any type of file on our website… there is no reason to go anywhere else. Having the ability to view hundreds of different type of files is the main thing that separates us from the competition… that and the high quality customer service that E Doxstorage has to offer.  Having the ability to share documents in real-time is another large thing that separates us from the competition.

Being able to have a live video conference on our website while being able to share documents in real time is something that can not only benefit small and large business by making their company both environment-friendly by going paperless, and making supplies more affordable by cutting down on costs such as document shipping, fax machines, etc…

E Doxstorage works by taking any document, scan it, and digitizing it, cutting down on clutter and costs at the same time. After being scanned, it can be placed anywhere in your files without any hassle or frustration. By putting it on E Doxstorage, you not only reduce costs by you increase productivity but cutting down on time that would normally be used looking for a file turned towards other important things. 

If you were to spend an average of 45 minutes to an hour a day looking for documents, that is over TWO WEEKS that you waste every year looking for documents… THERE IS A SOLUTION to that waste of time… E DOXSTORAGE! With our document or file searching capability, it takes MERE SECONDS to search for any file that you want.

Here is the latest news as of today, November 3rd, 2011:

We will be launching E Doxstorage later this month. For a limited time, you can try out our website free for one month before you will have to pay… $50 worth of free capabilities with our site for an entire month. And if you don’t like it, you won’t be charged, but trust me, with the accessibility to any file in mere seconds, you will wish you had done this a long time ago.

Thank you,

E Doxstorage Staff

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Online Secure File Storage

Posted on by mike

Tired of having to save papers in a file cabinet that you are never going to open? Sick of the clutter? There is a Solution: E Doxstorage.

With the help of E Doxstorage, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of all of your documents. If you need a proof of residency or any legal papers, they will be right at your fingertips. With our innovated ability to share files along with our reliability, you will never have to worry about sending in that important document on time. If you live in the Northern California area, we can even provide on-site scanning to make it even easier. With our virtual data storage as well as our document search and file organization, finding that all-important file or document will be within reach in just seconds.

No more having to rummage through piles of files and folders to find that one piece of paper that you need right now. With our online file storage and file sharing capability, even going paperless will be a possibility now. With the functionality of online file access, you can manage files and documents of ANY kind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you lose the paper version of the file, you can always print out a copy from your account. If you own a company, this will be an easy way to keep track of expenses as well as any important documents. As an added bonus, if you have an account with another data storage company, our apps allow you to view any type of file out there.

If your are still not convinced, then let me put your mind at ease. We have the top programmers and top designers in the industry to ensure that any service that you may want or need, is available on our site. Some of our future plans for E Doxstorage will be live conferences while sharing files, allowing you, as our customer, to be able to share files across any distance without having to fax files over and play the guessing game as to whether the other side received the files or not.

With E Doxstorage, you will never have to worry about crashed servers, long wait times to have a problem resolved, or have to worry about any viruses or corrupted files on your account. With the most secure virus protection and firewalls available on the market, you can sleep soundly knowing that your files/documents are in no safer hands. With the added bonus of having them readily available, you can choose to delete/add any files you need/want at any given time.

Being able to access files when you want to, store them on a secure server and share files at a moment’s notice is the cornerstone of our business, thereby providing the best file share, storage and access on the market, for an affordable price as well. There are 3 tiers of packages that you can choose from, depending on the amount of space you need. For a low price of $49.99 per month, you can store up to 700GB of space, that is most affordable and best deal on the market.

Here is the present day news as of October 31, 2011:

We will be launching our website later this week with much more content and possibilities to be added later on in the coming weeks. With the website launching for the first time, we will be looking for any feedback that can provide to us to better suit your needs as the customer.

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