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Hello Loyal Customers:


E Doxstorage is one of the most stable, secure websites out there. We have some of the most experience programmers and designers creating some of the most secure firewalls that are out on the market.


Being able to store your documents, files, pictures, and soon to be videos can be an invaluable asset to your growing company as well as prove to be very beneficial to your company in terms of appearance and financially. To be able to go paperless is the newest way to both improve profits and look good in terms of the community because you are cutting down on both pollution and paper usage. ┬áIf you were to say, use 10 reams of paper a week or even 4 reams a week, that’s a minimum of $35.00 a week that you are spending on paper for your files and documents, now if you were to go with E Doxstorage, you would be spending only $49.99 a month for up to 700GB of space for you documents, files, pictures, etc…


Put it this way: If you were to store all your files as a .pdf file, that’s almost 6 Million pages you can save with the 700GB monthly space!!! To buy enough paper to be able to have 6 million pages, you would have to spend over $192,ooo, and if you were to go with E Doxstorage, it would take you 385 years to spend that much on our services!


But that’s not all… How would you like to find a file out of thousands in a matter of seconds? That’s now possible through our new searching capability. All you have to do is type in the name or description of the file and in seconds, you have the file you are looking for. No more bulky filing cabinets or spending hours in the file room looking for the right file. Now that time can be spent improving productivity or helping customers.


Being able to save money during a recession is one of the biggest things that any company has been attempting to do since the crash, and E Doxstorage is the answer! You could potentially save Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Month! When you go paperless, you can save a lot and use that money that you save for other important things like improving products, improving delivery and improving how you business is ran overall.

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