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Edox is easier to set up and use then Ftp

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Ftp is hard to set up for new comers and requires training in most cases to use and access. Training costs either time or money, sometimes both. With E-Dox you don’t have to worry about using programs to accesses files, cross compatibility across operating systems and devices. If a device has a web browser you can access your files.

Ftp implementations are not always cost effective, and are quite difficult to run, maintain and access.

If you would choose to have in house FTP servers, you have to pay for dedicated hosting. If your servers are too slow then files can’t be shared quickly and then this may become a bottleneck in productivity. If your files contain sensitive information that adds another dimension to worry about, you have to pay to ensure the implementation has proper security. We take care of all of that and provide customers with an robust and simple to use system!

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