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It is against State and Federal laws for companies to not have a shredding system. HIPAA and GLB laws for example, require the protection of confidentiality for you, patients/ customers, and employees. Any documents that can be used to harm someone, anything that holds confidential matter and even outdated information needs to be shredded, destroyed, and disposed of properly. Below is a list of items that need to be destroyed.

Account Numbers, Competitive Intelligence, Executive Letters, Medical & Dental Records, Profit & Loss Statements, Address Labels From Junk Mail & Magazines, Computer Disks, Expired Passports & Visas, Meeting Minutes, Proposals and Quotes, ATM Receipts, Computer Reports, Financial Reports, Microfilm, Receipts/Invoices, Audits, Confidential Letters, Identification Badges, New Product Data, Report Cards, Bank Account Data, Contracts, Insurance Policy Info, Organization Charts, Resumes, Bank Statements/ Reports, Correspondence, Inventory Records, Outdated Business, Signatures, Bids & Quotations, Credit Card Bills/Summaries, Investment, Stock & Property Transactions, Passwords & PINs, Social Security Numbers, Birth Certificate Copies, Credit Reports & Histories, Invoices, Payroll Reports, Tax Records, Brokerage Reports, Customer Account Lists, Job Applications, Personal Records, Telephone Numbers, Business Projections, Debit Card Numbers, Legal Documents, Personnel Data, Transcripts, Canceled/Voided Checks, Drivers License Numbers, Luggage Tags, Photographs, Travel Itineraries, Classified Information, DVDs, Maps & Blueprints, Prescriptions, Uniforms (including private security guard, police, fire, public safety employees, Client Lists/Files, Employment Information, Market Research, Price/Inventory Lists, Used Airline Tickets, Compact Disks (CDs), Engineering Drawing, Marketing Development, Product Proposals, Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)

Shredding documents in-house can be very expensive and time-consuming. The cost to pay and employee to shred papers can really add up and your employee could be doing something more valuable with his/her time. Plus there’s the hassle of staples and paperclips, the mess from the dust left by shredding, and the obnoxious distraction from the loud noise. Shredding equipment can cost a fortune and you still have to maintain the machine and dispose of the paper yourself. Havning Elite Data Central do the shredding for you is altogether more profitable, secure, hassle-free, and convenient.Beneficial